Speed up your annotation process

Sand helps you minimize the amount of human-made errors and introduce biases in the dataset, decrease time-to-market, and spend time on your core business.


Machine-assisted annotation at your fingertips

Sand is learning how you annotate your data, in order to aid you in the annotation process. Assisted annotation means faster results with higher quality. High-quality datasets are essential for every business serious about deploying machine learning models.


Offline mode - when your data requires it

Sand's annotation software is shipped as a desktop application which can be run both on Windows and Mac. It supports offline annotation where no data ever leaves your systems, so you can be safe annotating your most sensitive data.


"Using Sand's assisted annotation reduces stress and leaves me with more time for other tasks."

"Sand’s Annotation software makes it quick and easy for me to find, annotate, and structure the relevant information from a large number of files. It is pleasant to use and it saves me a lot of time, especially compared to using other tools where I would have to copy, paste, and adjust everything I wanted to annotate in each file. It is reassuring to know that the assisted annotation performs just as well as I would have on my own, and with less stress too, leaving me with more time for my other tasks."

Evasanne, Data Manager QA/Software Tester, Layke Analytics

Quick and easy setup

Download the app and set up your annotation rules. Open your files and start annotating. It's that easy.


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